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EDF Pulse Africa Award

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

EDF Pulse Awards seeks to support and recognize African innovators in finding and developing home grown solutions to African energy challenges. Innovation culture has emerged in the energy sector and is bringing solutions to African countries.

The 2019 edition attracted over 530 applicants, 26 being applicants from African countries. Hydrobox through its local subsidiary company Magiro power of Murangá county in Kenya was able to scope the podium price for most innovative off-grid electricity production model. Magiro power has impacted the lives of over 1500 people in Murangá central Kenya through supplying them with affordable, reliable and sustainable power.

The jury in Paris was convinced by Hydrobox’ mode; of having a standardized small hydro power that is fitted with smart sensors and artificial intelligence for remote monitoring, predictive forecasting and ultimately control life changing societal impact. The award ceremony was held on 21st November 2019 and the award was received by Alice Mumbi on behalf of Hydrobox in the capacity of the operations manager of the company.

The operations of the company have now been scaled up and is collaborating with the Kenyans government to produce an additional 500kwof power by 2021, and if more funding could be secured it will add its capacity to 1500kw by 2022. This will bring a positive change in the economy.

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