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"Power always brings with it responsibility" 

Access to electricity is a key driver for rural economic development.

Electricity enables the use of electric equipment and tools by small and micro enterprises, resulting in significant improvement in productivity per worker and a corresponding growth in income levels.


Access to electricity simultaneously enables and improves living conditions of households by unlocking the potential of electrical appliances such as lights, radio & television, fridges, cooking appliances and washing machines.
These appliances relieve the pressure of daily household activities (falling disproportionately onto women) and can offer healthier and safer alternatives to kerosene lamps for lighting and charcoal for cooking.

Access to electricity improves the delivery of social and business services from a wide range of village-level infrastructure (e.g., schools, markets, street lighting, water distribution) while improving the productivity of agricultural activities (e.g. using water pumps for irrigation, cooling facilities to conserve vegetables and fruits longer).

At Magiro Power, our community is the reason why we do what we do. 

We have seen the transformational effect that our electricity has had in our communities and it is the reason why we wake up with a smile every morning

We see  students can access eLearning materials as internet is now available, people can read the news from all over the world in real time.


Households are benefitting from light in their homes with increased safety and more quality time to spend together as a family.


Small scale farmers are able to improve their farming technics through use of electric water pumps, chaff cutters, and other electrical households.


Young women and mothers have benefited by being enabled to start up microbusinesses like Hair saloons, Mini-shops and groceries shops with fresh milk and perishable vegetables as they can now use fridges. Young men have turned away from bad practice to opening micro-businesses like Cyber cafe shops, Barbershops, phone repair shops and Butcheries.

Murang’a is the largest milk producing county and supplies Nairobi due to it’s close proximity. With power available small-scale farmers can store milk in cooling installations to sell more and further than their own local market.

Community schools can offer computer lessons as government’s top agenda is to equip every student with a laptop, also can now equip libraries and laboratories.

The community of Njumbi has access to Clinic facilities that have flexible working hours due to electricity. 

Security was a big problem for the residents of Gikoe, but through ‘Magiro power’ cooperate social responsibility we have installed street lighting on the main routes and roads, enhancing security and business

Although we cannot claim credit for all of these accomplishments, we are happy to have played a part in it.

And we will continue to do so as electricity has an impact on many of the sustainable development goals



Magiro Hydro Electricity Limited

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Nairobi, Kenya

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